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Counseling Services Offered

Therapy allows you to express your deepest thoughts freely and without judgement. To understand therapy and its benefits it is imperative that you feel comfortable with your therapist to share your deepest thoughts both positive and negative, and allow yourself to be vulnerable. You must be willing to establish a good level of rapport, have a genuine connection even in your darkest moments. Moreover, you must be motivated for change.  

- Margo  Claybrooks 

Let's do the work together.

Individual Counseling

Individual therapy involves only the client and therapist and can help you talk freely without fear, judgement, or criticism. Clients learn to understand what may have caused their problems and how to manage them through psychological insight, solution focused guidance, and support. 

Couples Counseling

Most issues within a couple start small and then grow in size when they go unresolved. Couples therapy will provide you and your partner with guidance and tools to improve your connection. Couples therapy can help you resolve emotional and interpersonal struggles that influence your present situation. 

Family Counseling

Therapy can help family members improve communication and resolve conflicts. Family therapy is short term and may include all family members or just those willing to participate. The therapist work with families to learn the skills to deepen family connections and get through stressful times, especially outside of therapy.

Group Counseling

Depending on the nature of your problem, group therapy can be an ideal choice for addressing your concerns and making positive changes in your life. Group therapy helps individuals develop communication skills and socialization skills, and allows clients to learn how to express their issues and accept criticism from others.

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